Zimpler is a mobile platform-based payment system that is available in Sweden and Finland. Mobile (i.e. phone) payment systems are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people prefer to use the internet via phones and tablets in this day and age. That goes for online wagering too, and online customers now want to be able to make payments online without having to access their PCs or laptops.

Zimpler allows for mobile payments, but unlike other ‘pay by mobile’ services the money you transfer via mobile comes from your debit or credit card, and not your mobile phone bill. This gives you greater amounts of flexibility when it comes to making payments.

Why Use Zimpler?


Easy to set up

You do not have to worry about going to great lengths in order to get your payments set up via Zimpler. You don’t even have to set up a Zimpler account. Once you have used a credit card or debit card and used it to make a mobile payment, Zimpler will remember it and you can use it any time to make a new payment, or you can choose an alternative card to use.

No limits like other ‘pay by mobile’ schemes

Zimpler is not the only ‘pay by mobile’ scheme available, but it is the most flexible. Most such schemes have strict limits when it comes to depositing, and these limits can be as tiny as £30 per day. The only limits when it comes to online bingo sites and casino sites are the ones set by the sites themselves!

Perfectly secure

Zimpler is a ‘zimple’ way of connecting your mobile phone to your credit or debit card. Zimpler deals with the transaction and this service has strict security protocols to keep your transactions secure.


Only available in Sweden and Finland

This is a blow, as Zimpler sounds like the ideal payment system to use when you want to pay online security, but at the moment it is only available to people in Sweden and Finland.

Not all online casinos take Zimpler

If a Zimpler online bingo or casino site (i.e. one that accepts Zimpler) accepts Swedish or Finnish customers, then there is a high chance that it will accept payments via Zimpler. If it does not accept players from Sweden or Finland, then there is no real point in Zimpler being offered, so it isn’t.

Is Zimpler Banking Friendly?


It hardly takes any effort on your part to make a deposit at an online bingo or casino site using Zimpler. When you want to deposit money from your credit or debit card via Zimpler, you need to head to the site’s cashier and choose Zimpler as your payment option, as well as the amount you want to deposit.

An applet will pop up asking for your phone number. Once you have entered the number you will receive an SMS message with a one-time transaction code. Enter that code when prompted to do so by the Zimpler bingo, casino or slots site.

You will then need to select a saved debit or credit card. If you have not used Zimpler before then you will need to register and validate a card, which again is a very straightforward process.

Once everything looks fine, click the ‘Pay’ button to confirm your payment. Your money should appear in your bingo or casino site almost immediately.


Withdrawals are identical to deposits, except that the direction of the money transfer is reversed! Via the site, cashier request your withdrawal amount and confirm your phone number. Once you have validated your phone number and card, you can okay the transfer.

Most online bingo sites and online casino sites will honour Zimpler payments within seconds, but others may take a little bit longer.


There are no fees for using Zimpler, and your online bingo or Zimpler casino site should not charge you anything for using Zimpler. Zimpler makes its money by charging merchants, not customers.

Opening an account

You do not need to open an account with Zimpler. Using Zimpler is a process or service, unlike eWallets such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller which are financial services providers where you can hold money. Zimpler does not hold any of your cash, it just moves it from one place to another.

Our Final Thoughts

Zimpler is such a simple and effective process that it’s a real shame that only people in Sweden and Finland have the luxury of using it. It’s an excellent way of transferring money via your bank account (debit card) or credit card amount. Unlike eWallets, you do not have to maintain a Zimpler account.

This payment system has only been around since 2012. It started life in Stockholm and was only available to Swedish customers but has since expanded to Finland. The company has plans to expand into other European markets, but whether those markets include the UK remains to be seen.

Until Zimpler’s expansion online bingo, casino and slots players outside of Sweden and Finland will have to be content with using alternative methods to get money into and out of their online wagering accounts.