While most of the people would agree to the contrary, but the establishment of the Casino on the South Side will provide the maximum benefit to the residents and the city as well even if all the measures are taken into consideration.

The ones who want the casino to be built in more of a downtown location have different motives for it. They want to be able to use the casino to maximize dollars by expanding convention trade, which is already a part of the city. However, the main aim for the fabrication of a casino is something entirely different. The casino is being looked upon as a recreational hub, which shall draw the attention of many new and the old visitors as well and provide plenty of job opportunities in a part of the city, where it is the most needed.

For the building of the casino, people need to broaden up their minds and think of a bigger picture, which the southeast side has to offer. Near the Bishop Ford Freeway, there is ample space, where the casino can be built. Also, on the east side –the Harborside International Golf Center and on the west side –the Pullman National Monument along with an indoor sports arena will complement a casino along with a hotel complex undoubtedly.

Transforming these potential sites for the establishment of a casino-cum-hotel would be great in drawing the attention of the tourists and prove to be fruitful for the Chicagoans alike. Adding up a casino in such an area will serve as a game-changer for the people of the locality by adding about 5000 job opportunities, which is much needed as the people here are still suffering from the impact of abandonment of a steel industry that dates back to almost two decades ago.

Thomas McMahon who speaks as the advocate for the Far South Side of Chicago says that he is speaking for all the residents of the area and they are all ready to work with any operator as they realize the great vision. According to his long experience, Thomas believes that the establishment of a casino and hotel complex will certainly attract the attention of visitors to the location.

Also, the people here are overburdened due to the increase in tax rates and are planning to flee Chicago City. In such a scenario, building up a casino to manage the taxation shall prove to be a great rescue for the residents, says another local, Felicia Wilhelm.

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