On Thursday, the Encore Boston Harbor President, Bob DeSalvio, fired right back at the lawsuit registered against his casino before Massachusetts Gaming Commission. This lawsuit claims that the customers visiting the casino are actually being short-changed. DeSalvio mentioned that every customer receives every penny or every dollar that they are due and there is no such fraud going on.

In the lawsuit filed early in the week, a local gambler claimed that the casino is actually tilting the overall payout odds in its version of the blackjack game. This means the odds for the game at set at 6-5 as opposed to 3-2, which means the player shall receive shall money. At the commission meeting held on Thursday, multiple pictures were posted confirming the claims that the tables were clearly marked with the former odds to be paid. However, the attorney associated with the lawsuit isn’t as convinced with the pictures and plans to move forward with the case for further investigation.

Joshua Garick, the attorney overseeing the case mentioned that they intend to escalate this issue before the judge as opposed to a commission which is comprised of casino representatives and inspectors all as a part of the same entity.

The Investigation and Enforcement Bureau of the commission reviewed all the claims made by the lawsuit and has now determined from the preliminary sessions that the Encore is completely in compliance as per the state regulations. However, Cathy Judd-Stein, the Chairwoman stated that the casino shall continue to be monitored. She further added that the matter needs to be reviewed in a transparent, fair, and objective manner.

This latest suit also states that the slot winners do not get their complete payout as the slot machines for ticket redemption only provide dollars and do not dispense any coins. The customers are asked to redeem the same at the cashier desk. This is something the players such as Tina Guckert do not like at all. She mentioned that she won around $63.25 but it was received in the form of a coupon which tends to add up after consecutive wins.

To this, the Encore president commented that it can be difficult to stack coins in the redemption machines, especially during “full volume” seasons. However, the casino plans on bringing in more options in the future for the redemption of coins. Some of the customers are now pleased with the fact that the casino shall be monitored henceforth.

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