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Recent research carried out by a website called BonusFinder has discovered that approximately 94% of online casino and bingo players are aware that their favoured gambling brands offer them a range of responsibility gaming facilities.

The report of the study shows the average percentages of the respondents’ positive answers to 6 key questions.

They show the key points as being:

  • only 5% of players are not aware of any responsible gaming tools
  • 93% know where to find information about their recent profits and losses.
  • 45% say they are aware of the option to self-exclude
  • 49% know how to set session time limits.
  • 50% of those surveyed are aware that they can request a time-out (e.g. take a break from playing)
  • 64% know that they can set their own deposit limits.

500 UK casino and bingo players answers were compiled into the report’s findings, relating to their online gambling activity between March and June 2020.

This time period covers most of the time that the UK has spent in lockdown due to COVID-19, and although 31% of respondents say that they have gambled “somewhat more” than they would regularly, another 28% say that they gambled only as much as they would have normally.

Age and sex also seem to be a factor regarding the awareness of responsible gaming tools. For example, under 45s are 3 times as likely to know about such tools as those over the age of 45. Plus, just 3% of the survey respondents in the 18 to 24 age group admitted to being unaware of responsible gaming tools as opposed to 5% for all age groups.

52% of women versus 46% of men said that they knew about session limits while more men (54%) said they were aware of time-out tools than women (44%).

This is all good news at a time when Government bodies are crying out for even tougher restrictions and more regulation on gambling sites. The ‘When the Fun Stops, Stop’ message may have run its course, with many players now being blind to the banners on sites, but the relentless advertising of more responsible gambling methods and tools by the operators during lockdown has clearly paid off.

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