The deadline for proposal submission of the operation of Danville Casino has passed. The initial report for the proposal shall not come until 6th August meeting to be held at the Danville City Council. On Tuesday, Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. mentioned that none of the casino developers have yet submitted the proposal via the Solicitation of Interest which was put out a few weeks ago.

It was filed by the locally running steering committee which is overseeing current development of the casino. Williams also mentioned that this wasn’t actually unexpected due to the last-minute preparations being made for the complex proposal requests. He mentioned that the members of the committee shall start reviewing all the proposals by the upcoming week. That is when the committee shall decide the developers they would want to address upfront.

Dave Cocagne, from the Vermilion Development, also mentioned via an email that he has consulted with the area Mayor along with others that were involved in this process. The mayor shall also provide a proper update next week to the local city council during the meeting. This update shall be a curation of all the responses received on the filing of casino proposals along with other crucial details. This will function as the upcoming update for the entire process.

Just as the month started, Williams had a conversation with alderman stating that 7 potential entities have expressed their interest in running a casino in Danville. The guiding committee has sent out proposal requests which are being termed as Solicitation of Interest by the committee. These requests were sent out to 50+ corporations all throughout the nation. These responses were due by 31st July and included full plans and applications.

The committee shall review proposals and comprises of:

  • Williams, President Vermilion Advantage
  • Vicki Haugen, CEO Vermilion Advantage
  • Tinisha Shade-Spain, Director of Business Development, Vermilion Advantage
  • Chris Yates, Acting Police Chief, Danville
  • Dave Wesner, Attorney & Former Corporation Counsel for City of Danville
  • Gardner Peck, the Executive Vice President for Danville Metal Stamping
  • Jerry Connolly, Vice President at Venture Mechanical Contractors
  • Mike Puhr, Ward 5 Alderman

The selected site for the casino is a Southgate Industrial Park-based 42-Acre site. This particular site is just beside another land of 30 acres which has been kept aside for future development purpose. Both f these lands are currently owned by the heirs of Lou Mervis.

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