Records show that the man, who allegedly killed a father and son at a bingo hall of Horry County, is a violent convict and has been released on a bond for four attempted murder charges a month ago. Derrick Rivera about 29 years of age was charged by the Horry County Police for two counts of armed robbery and two counts of murder as well.

He was charged with the crime of murdering the father and son because he is a felon with possession of a weapon and of a firearm, which connects with the shooting that commenced at Waccamaw Bingo on 26th of July.

According to the evidence collected by the investigators, Rivera and a Bradford Britton, 40 years old, were involved in shooting and robbery at the bingo parlor of Horry County, to which Steve Johnson Sr. and Steve Sparky Johnson Jr. succumbed and were victimized. Britton was also charged with the same charges as that of Rivera by the police of Horry County.

Jimmy Richardson, who is the Solicitor for the 15th Circuit Judicial District stated that he had not received any case file for the charges in his office yet and has not been able to determine whether he should seek for the death penalty for the two perpetrators.

Britton got arrested by the police after his vehicle was tracked to his property located in Georgetown County. Britton already has innumerable charges imposed on him for drugs dealing in Texas and warrants against child support cases. The US Marshals caught Rivera in Colleton County which is located on the immediate south of Charleston.

Both of the convicts are now kept without bond in the J. Reuben Long Detention Center. But, neither of the two appeared on Thursday for an initial court hearing.

According to the data collected from an Enforcement Division of South Carolina, Rivera has a prolonged history of crimes. He was arrested by the Georgetown City police for four counts of attempted murder in the month of May. The details of the incident are quite vague. This is because the police won’t be able to release any reports of the incident without requesting for the Freedom of Information Act.

According to the records of Georgetown court, a bonding company was used by Rivera to post bail and paid $24,000 for attempted murder charges and was freed from the jail of Georgetown County on 24th of May.

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