New Slots & Casino Sites

In the same way that a new online bingo site seems to pop open on the world wide web each and every day, a new slots or casino site seems to open its doors on a similarly regular basis. If you like to play at new online slots or casino sites as much as you do at new online bingo sites, then you’re most definitely going to be interested in what any new slots site can offer you.

Here at BingoWorld we’re almost as hot on slots as we are on bingo. That’s why we are the ideal people to keep you informed about brand new slots and casino sites, and to provide you with all the information you need to decide whether it’s worth your while take a peek at them.

To get you started, here is a quick list of some of the best new slots and casino sites that have appeared on the internet over the last few weeks.


Why Bother With a New Slots or Casino Site?

Uncovering a new online slot or casino site is a bit like finding a new coffee shop. You’re lured in by a wonderful aroma, you down a cappuccino and suddenly you’re in love. But after a few weeks that initial thrill wears off and you can’t help but wonder if there’s a place that serves better coffee elsewhere.

When it comes to online slot and casino sites it pays to remain curious. No matter how much you love your current ‘online casino site of choice’ there’s always the danger that you might just miss out on something to your advantage. If we tell you about a new slots or casino site and our review is full of enthusiastic praise, then it doesn’t hurt to at least take a look, surely?

Can I Get ‘Knock Your Socks Off’ Welcome Offers at New Slots or Casino Sites?

You may be able to find something to your benefit, bonus-wise, and we’ll be sure to tell you about any decent offers we uncover at the new slot and casino sites that we find. Just don’t expect anything amazing as you won’t get rich with a welcome offer, no matter how lucrative it sounds.

Treat any new welcome offer you discover as a way of evaluating a new slots or casino site before you part with any of your own cash. In addition, you never know the stars might actually be shining on you when you do.

What Should I Expect From a New Slots or Casino Site?

Our slots and casino experts understand perfectly well what makes a good site good and a bad site bad. Here are a few aspects that we investigate when we’re evaluating the merits of any new slots or casino site that we’ve uncovered.

The very best in slots and games

If a new online slots or casino site boasts that it has ‘hundreds of games’ then you might automatically think we’re going to hand it a sterling thumbs up. When it comes to games though, we like to prioritise quality over quantity.
Does the site have games from leading providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Play’n Go, Yggdrasil and Red Tiger, or are its titles derived from companies no one’s ever heard of? Does it have multi-functional video slots with fantastic features, or static ‘classic’ slots that soon induce boredom? Can you spin them for play money so you can get used to the way they handle, or is it strictly cash only?

The range of casino games offered is important too. We not only expect blackjack and roulette at a bare minimum, but we also expect multiple versions of each. We like to see baccarat, casino poker, video poker, dice games, scratch cards and arcade games too, and the more the merrier!

Site works just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops and laptops

Where would we be without our mobiles? We might actually have to talk to people! Seriously, most people use mobile devices these days for fun while leaving computers and laptops for boring things like work and productivity.
This is why we firmly believe that every new online slots and casino site should be as mobile-friendly as possible. There’s seriously no point in signing up for a new site if half the games don’t even work on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

Other aspects of what separates a decent new online slots or casino site from a poor one

It’s not just the games available that are important at new slots or casino sites. We expect to see plenty of payment options, and not just credit and debit cards as eWallets are a must too. It’s the norm at all online wagering sites for deposits to be processed with a snap of the fingers, but withdrawals will inevitably take longer. We like sites that honour your withdrawal requests in hours, rather than days.

Online security is a must too, so we expect all decent sites to use state-of-the-art encryption tools to secure all data that is passed to and from them. We also think that support functions are very important, with email and attentive live chat a must, and a manned phone number a definite bonus. 24/7 availability is very important too.

Finally, we like sites that offer both a fair and decent welcome bonus and a range of ongoing bonuses for existing customers, plus a decent loyalty programme.

Our Final Thoughts on New Slots and Casino Sites

As we mentioned in our introduction, new slots and casino sites seem to be springing up all the time, adding to the dozens and dozens of online slots and casino sites that already exist. It can be tough keeping on top of things so that you can guarantee the best experience when playing online slots and casino games for yourself.

Matters become less stressful once you allow the slots and casino experts at BingoWorld to become your guides to the online wagering world. We only recommend the very best slots and casino sites that we find, so by following our advice you’ll give yourself the best chance of plenty of slotting and casino entertainment!