If you are having an opinion regarding the location of the proposed casino and what all amenities should be included in it, you must take the survey that is now going online. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that everyone that has an opinion concerning the matters of the casino must share them through the survey that is being conducted online now.

What do you think, where the proposed casino should be built? And, what are the basic amenities that should be a part of the casino? You can now give your opinion on an open website survey launched by the City Hall. You can have your say there without having to disclose your identity or your address as well.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot gave a statement to the reporters that a survey has been launched which will allow the resident of the states to have a say in the development of the casinos which will help in driving maximum benefits for all the communities that are involved. The procedure is completely transparent and the public need not share their personal information in order to participate in the survey.

The survey is around 11 pages long and not a single question is involved in the entire set up to ask whether the citizens are in favor of a casino establishment at all. Although the General Assembly authorized a 10-000 gambling center in its spring session, the decision for where should the casino be fabricated has not yet been finalized.

In the survey that the public will take various questions have been asked. Options have been included concerning the location of the casino to be built close or far away from downtown. Should the survey be built anywhere near the public transportations or near the highways? Also, whether the casino should be established in economically weaker areas and help in maximizing the tax revenue of the city or meet any other goal in particular.

The survey also consists of questions like how often the respondents shall stop by a casino and what are the various amenities that could be included along with the gaming section. Options of a golf course or any other source of entertainment have been up for consideration. The ones who take the survey will have to disclose their home zip code and their age as well. But, any other personal information like name and house address are not being asked for.

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