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Recently, just as England entered its second national lockdown, one of the UK’s most personable online and offline bingo brands wrote directly to customers to show its support.

The Palaces owns clubs in London, Great Yarmouth, and Felixstowe and has been operating an online bingo site since 2013.

The company’s founder and Managing Director, Patrick Duffy, has become a familiar face to those who frequent his clubs, and he also makes sure to keep in touch with his online community on a regular basis, often urging players to call his mobile if they ever need to talk.

While the majority of online bingo sites use social media teams to man their Facebook and Twitter accounts, Patrick does most of the work himself for The Palaces.

So, when Boris Johnson announced that England must enter a new 4-week lockdown, one of the first things that Patrick did was email his player base to offer his reassurance.

We’re sure that the UK Gambling Commission would approve of the email, which started off by reminding customers of the “importance of setting limits and keeping an eye on your gambling”. Patrick also invites any player who’s concerned that their gambling has become a problem to contact him at any time for advice.

He goes onto say that setting limits and staying in control of your spending is even more important “as movement is restricted during any lockdown”.

Patrick points out that as an independent bingo chain, The Palaces don’t believe in “big corporate practices or insincere marketing sound bites” and that he genuinely cares about his customers and their wellbeing.

The email ends by reminding customers of Patrick’s personal number and email address, as well as club numbers and customer service contact details. But, what we feel is really unique and shows how innovative bingo brands are becoming is that Patrick will be broadcasting live from The Palaces HQ throughout lockdown at 2 PM and 7 PM every Thursday, and he’s inviting customers and even curious players to drop by and say hello or simply stay “cheerful and positive” during what is for many a “difficult period”.

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