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Every year on 27th June, the western world celebrates National Bingo Day. A fun fact that might come in handy for some of you in future chat/trivia games, is that the same day also marks National Onion Day, National Sunglasses Day, National PTSD Awareness Day, Summersgiving, and National Ice Cream Cake Day.

The celebrations in the UK on 27th June 2020 were a little quieter than normal, mainly due to the ongoing restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, and in part, because the day is more popular in the US than it is in the UK. However, as we’ve recently reported, many bingo clubs in England are set to reopen from July 4th.

We found a smattering of celebratory special offers at some of the more popular online bingo sites, but the majority of National Bingo Day-themed editorials and promotions were published by newspapers, mobile apps, and radio sites.

Tombola was one of the main bingo brands to acknowledge the special day. The social media team took to Facebook to host an exclusive 12-hour giveaway. Each hour between 10am and 10pm on the day, the site awarded a £30 Just Eat voucher to one of the lucky participants. Those taking part had to tell tombola what their favourite bingo night takeaway was, so we’re guessing that the winners have been digging into more of their top meals following the competition!

The popular Bingo Blitz app also hosted a celebration for National Bingo Day by hosting a $10,000 sweepstakes for US players. Just 2 days later, it also hosted a 10th anniversary bash with 70 million players.

The Metro newspaper also ran an article on National Bingo Day with the aim of explaining the history of the game and bingo calls. It also confirmed that Mecca Bingo has announced that 36 of their clubs will be opening up on 4th July, so if you missed National Bingo Day on 27th June, there’s still cause for celebration on 4th July!

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