Mecca Bingo Turns 60 Next Year: News

In 2021, Mecca Bingo will be celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Ahead of its big milestone, Mecca Bingo is asking players to share their fondest memories of bingo (which could be stories, photos or anecdotes) on social media using the #MeccaMemories hashtag. It’s been a very popular destination for players over the years, so we should see some super stories emerge.

To build-up to the special occasion, the brand has also been conducting a study of 2,000 British players.

The results of the study provide an exciting and informative look into the much-loved game of bingo and how Brits prefer to play.

Young people are growing to love a game of bingo!

This year most of us have had to cope with the restrictions and frustrations caused by the COVID-19 lockdown for at least 3 months. Of course, everyone is looking forward to re-engage in their favourite activities. For millennials, surprisingly, the study has shown that 20% are planning to enjoy playing bingo each week, while around 20% plan to play at least once a month.

In some ways, the lockdown has helped us to re-evaluate our priorities and appreciate precious time with our families. As Mecca’s study shows, bingo has enjoyed a resurgence over the past 4 months with almost 40% of respondents saying that they played some form of bingo with family and friends while being confined to their homes.

The survey results also show that online bingo doesn’t necessarily represent the lion’s share of the bingo industry. In fact, 20% of people enjoy playing at a bingo hall while 46% like playing online. The younger age categories also say that they prefer bingo to a night out clubbing, and 41% of them also say that traditional hobbies and games such as bingo are “cool and retro”.

There have even been some cases of people using bingo to boost their love lives. 1 in 10 respondents say that they’ve included bingo as part of a romantic evening while 20% of players have taken someone on a date at a bingo club.

Bingo is not dead in the water yet and lockdown may have played a surprising part in its future survival.

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