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There is no stopping the techies over at Tombola these days. It seems they are bringing us new versions of their unique games every month. This month, however, things have ramped up even further, with two new games hitting our screens!

‘Pop’ is the name of one of the latest games to join the Bubble family at Tombola Arcade.

You can play it with as little as 5p, and the aim of the game is to connect 5 or more bubbles of the same colour.

Tombola Arcade is the sister site of Tombola Bingo and it can be accessed via the main Tombola website, as well as its own mobile app.

The games in the lobby are split into categories such as Spin (slot-style games), Flip, Bubble, Drop, Cards, Go, and Pick.

The new game, Pop, sits in the Bubble category where you’ll also find games called Lab and Bubble.

A variety of backdrops such as an African safari, prehistoric and ocean can appear when you launch a game of Pop, and at the bottom of the screen you’re able to select your stake and purchase a new game.

The maximum prizes that you will qualify for depend on the size of your stake. For example, if you decide to play Pop with the minimum stake of 5p, you could win up to £25, and if you play it with the max stake of £1, you could win up to £500.

Once you’ve bought a game, you’ll see 25 bubbles float onto the screen where they’re placed in 5 rows, each of which is 5 columns wide. Next, hold down the red button at the bottom to start popping and one-by-one, the bubbles will turn into different colours such as lilac, red, and yellow.

If there are 5 or more bubbles of the same colour, you win a prize. For instance, if 5 lilac bubbles are revealed in a 5p game, you win 5p.

But we’re not finished yet, because as well as Tombola’s new Pop game, there’s another new slot to discover in the Arcade this week. It’s called Cosmos and it sits within the site’s Spin section.

Cosmos is an astrology-themed slot that allows you to create winning combinations using different animal-themed constellations such as bats, horses, and dragonflies.

The game also includes wild symbols while a full moon acts as the scatter symbol and has the potential to unlock the Cosmos bonus game as well as the game jackpot

It costs as little as 5p to play Cosmos so while you’re visiting Tombola Arcade, why not take it for a spin?

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