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The Rank Group, who are the owners of the Grosvenor Casino chain, has warned that any further lockdowns would be a catastrophe for the casino industry. With the government issuing new safety measures this week, to be implemented almost immediately, the casino industry is facing another huge downturn that will affect the business and jobs.

Boris Johnson Announces New Government Lockdowns

Boris Johnson has announced that there will be further lockdown measures put in place and one that will have severe consequences for the casino industry is the 10pm curfew. The new curfew on casinos and all hospitality venues will hit them hard and other measures such as table service only will make life harder for the staff too.

These lockdown measures are already in place as local curfews in the north-east and north-west of England, where casinos are currently struggling. Furthermore, the Prime Minister also announced that these new measures could very well be in place for the next 6 months, making it almost certain that without extra support, many industries are going to be struggling over the coming months. Thankfully it looks like the Chancellor will be trying to help out in some way with a ‘Winter Economy Plan’.

Response from Casino Chief at The Rank Group

Rank has been the loudest industry voice calling for the casino industry troubles not to be overlooked. The Rank Group’s Casino Chief issued a statement about these new measures stating that the new 10pm curfew would be risking thousands of jobs across the casino industry and that this included their own chain of Grosvenor Casinos.

The government should heed the warnings of The Rank Group, as they are the largest casino operator in the country and employ over 4500 people. They are calling on the government to help support these jobs, the sector as a whole and tax receipts by introducing more effective methods to stop the spread of Covid-19, rather than just instating a curfew across the country. After seeing the effects that this has had in local lockdown areas, the industry is extremely worried that a national curfew will make them less able to bounce bacj.

The group’s CEO said that this would be the final straw for the industry as they have already been closed for over 5 months and since reopening in August, revenues have gone down by a massive 40%.

The company also stated that they have spent over £2 million to keep its customers and staff safe with covid-19 safety measures. With over 50% of casinos revenue being made after 10pm, it makes this industry one of, if not the, hardest hit industry during these times.

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