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The UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) is once again calling for further action to be taken to help it tackle gambling harm within the United Kingdom.

Having previously worked alongside social media brands like Twitter and Facebook, as well as APPGs (All-Party Parliamentary Groups), the Commission’s chief executive is now asking the finance industry to get involved so that it can develop a “multi-sector partnership approach”.

It was at this week’s virtual conference for financial services professionals, held by the charity Money and Mental Health, that Neil McArthur joined Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones (the founder and director of the National Problem Gambling Clinic) and Carolyn Harris MP (the chair of the APPG on Gambling-Related Harms).

At the half-day online event, Mr McArthur told the attendees that “if we are to have a real and lasting impact on tackling gambling harms, there must be a multi-sector partnership approach”.

He added that the financial sector, in particular, “has an important role to play” and wants the UK Gambling Commission to continue working “together [with the financial sector] to make progress in making gambling safer”.

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute’s latest conference forms part of a 2-year programme that the charity is currently undertaking with the aim of “increasing action among financial firms” to help reduce gambling-related harm. The UKCC has given the Institute funding via a regulatory settlement to help it better protect an estimated 2 million British adults.

The Institute’s Interim Chief Executive, Katie Alpin, called on the conference’s attendees to “help shape the sector’s next steps” in tackling the issues.

The event also looked at some of the latest financial innovations in helping to reduce problem gambling such as payment and card blocks, and it also welcomed researchers and politicians to put across their views alongside the many financial services professionals that attended.

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