What is Hexabingo? A Brand-New Bingo Game at Unibet

There’s a brand-new game to check out at Unibet and it’s called HexaBingo.

It only features 27 numbers and unlike most traditional 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games, HexaBingo only pits you against two other players. This not only makes each game more exciting, but it also means that you have a 1 in 3 chances to win every time.

On top of this, HexaBingo offers buy-in multipliers that start at just 2x and run up to 1,000x so there are plenty of opportunities to win both big and small cash prizes.

It’s simple to get the hang of this new type of game.

You start by choosing a stake using the slider bar at the side of the screen. The minimum stake is 50p while the maximum is £100. You’ll also need to pick an avatar to represent you, and this can be quite fun as you can play around with different hairstyles and clothing as well as choose to be the opposite sex if you like!

The game will then quickly search for two other players who’re ready to take part, and when you’re all good to go, the prize multiplier round is opened and the game decides on the total prize amount.

The prize is always displayed at the top of the screen so that both you and your opponents know exactly how much you’re playing for.

Each player receives one card which includes 9 numbers, and in an interesting twist which aims to make HexaBingo fair for everyone who tries it, everyone can see each other’s cards. So, for example, if you’re waiting on 1TG, your two opponents will be aware, and if they too have 1TG, you’ll all be hanging on the edge of your seats!

Unibet is also currently running some special promotions on HexaBingo, so why not visit the site and check them out?

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