The younger crowd is the next target of the Atlantic City. From 6th to 8th of September an esports tournament shall be hosted by the Bally’s of Atlantic City. The Halo Classic of the Ultimate Gaming Championship shall feature a double-elimination bracket with the winning pool receiving 50,000 dollars in the form of prize money.

The largest sportsbook in New Jersey is claimed to be that of Bally’s Wild Wild West. Also, the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa are not very far behind in the race with their new lounge and flashy sportsbook. The state-of-the-art Premier Nightclub at Borgata is definitely an added amenity. Also, there are many such amenities available at the Ocean Casino Resort, Tropicana Atlantic City, and Casino Atlantic City & Hard Rock Hotel.

Social Bingo for the millennial has become a real thing now in the states as well. This month, you can play Bingo at the Golden Nugget casino, at Resorts Casino Hotel, and in Hotel & Marina, of Harrah’s Resort as well. Earlier in the month, the Caesars Atlantic City had arranged a Bingo session, while at Borgata they periodically conduct several such occasions where the younger crowd can flock to play the game.

The crowd currently for the Bingo games as well is of the ones in their 50s, who are pretty much serious about all the tactics and are very calculative in laying off their cards on the table. Also, they make sure to mark their cards before and throughout each of the sessions. Some of them make use of the picture of their grandchildren or use small stuffed animals as a form of a lucky charm.

Apart from a bag of pretzel and a few other snacks, there are very little refreshments available. The consumption of alcohol is very little, which is next to negligible. Soft drinks and coffee are the strongest drinks that are preferred here, currently. The players listen to the announcements with utter attention as certain combinations of numbers and letters can get them thousands of dollars as winning prize money.

However, scenarios here are being meant to be altered. The younger crowd is to be more likely targeted with the addition of loud music, a livelier atmosphere as that of in a nightclub, and the free cocktails and craft beers shall do the rest of the job. The Today Show this month has air a report that says, the Bingo callers from Dabbers are more donned than that of a Victoria Secret’s model.

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